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New research survey launched on the impact of COVID-19 on the autism community

The current lockdown measures to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic have brought about profound changes to our daily way of life. This survey seeks to gather important data on the effect that the lockdown is having on the wellbeing, mental health and everyday routines of autistic people. As ~50% of autistic people have a co-occurring anxiety disorder, we expect that this might be a particularly challenging time for anxiety management.

We hope that survey will help us to understand how autistic people can be better supported in the event of future periods of lockdown, or generally when facing periods of social isolation or uncertainty. 

The survey is short, taking ~15-20 minutes to complete. We need responses from as many people as possible, specifically adults who are 18+ and diagnosed with autism, plus non-autistic adults for comparison.

For more information, or to complete our survey, please click HERE:

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