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Becky awarded $2.9m grant

Becky has been awarded a $2.9m (approx. £2.5m) grant from Wellcome Leap.

Wellcome Leap is an international funder, and Becky was selected to be one of 10 projects across the world to contribute to the 1kd Program. The funding is released in phases, with Phase 1 (approx. £1m) getting underway in September 2021.

Becky is Principal Investigator on the grant, with Co-Investigators at UCL (Dr Rick Adams and Dr Robert Cooper).

The project is part of a network of teams exploring early life development in the first 1000 days, and comprises international collaborations across Singapore, New Zealand, North America, India and South Africa.

The grant will see the development of new tools to study cogntive flexibility in infancy - incuding the combination of computational modelling and high-density diffuse optimal tomography (HD-DOT).

You can find out more about the 1kd program here:

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