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BAP 2023 - round up!

Updated: Jun 12

The PaL lab had a brilliant time at BAP 2023 in Manchester. We sent a good delegation presenting three posters and one short oral on a diverse range of projects from across the lab.

Tim presented a poster on one of the major chapters from his PhD thesis looking at how learning under uncertainty differs across autism, anxiety and also task valence. This was Tim's first foray into the Hierarchical Gaussian Filter and there is much more to come - so watch this space.

Calum presented some pilot data from a new task that he has developed to better characterise how the integrity of learning influences subsequent effort-based choice. The results of this initial pilot are really promising and Calum will be taking this task forward into a larger scale study over the coming year.

Last, but not least, Nazia presented a poster on the role of GABA in statistical learning under uncertainty. This was also chosen as a short oral - and Nazia smashed her talk too! This represents the culmination of work from her final PhD project using 7T MRS to understand the role of neurotransmitters in different aspects of cognition.

In addition to the usual conference discos and gala dinner, we joined forces with the Neuroscience and Mental Health Lab for a joint group meal at Bundobust - something we hope will become an annual tradition!

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