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Cake Brains

Knit a Neuron is a collaborative, knitting/science, art project. Knit-a-neuron goes on the road to science and craft events throughout the UK and encourages people to  pick up their needles and hooks to create their very own woolly brain cells. Everyone who sits down to knit with the team get the chance to chat with neuroscientists about the brain (and the finer nuances of knitting too!). After many months hundreds of neurons were sewn together to create a sculpture which is currently on tour to raise funds for the Head Injury Therapy Endowment Fund but wil have a permanent home in the University of Bristol's brain imaging centre, CRIC (Clinical Research Imaging Centre). You can read more about my involvement in that here.


Since the summer of 2008 I have been involved with the lovely people at Geurilla Science - they bring science to music festivals; the first experiment of its kind in the UK.  In short, I make edible model brains out of cake and I run tea party workshops where everyone gets a cuppa (in a proper china cup no less) and I dissect the cake-brain whilst taking about brain anatomy, history and function. .Everyone leaves with a tummy full of cake and a head full of basic introductory neuroscience. Brilliant.


The work of geurilla science has been covered in national press here and here. For more information you can check out their website here.

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