Curriculum Vitae




University of Cambridge    

Department of Experimental Psychology 

2018 ~ present

Lecturer, Principal Investigator

Royal Society Wellcome Trust Henry Dale Fellow

Autistica Future Research Leader

Wellcome Trust Centre for Neuroimaging     

University College London  

2013 ~ 2017.


Senior Post-doctoral Fellow

Supervisor: Prof Geraint Rees


Matlab, SPM, Cogent, Presentation, Psychtoolbox, MRICron


Qualified user Siemens TIM Trio (3.0 T) MRI

Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS-2): March 2016

Modules 1-4 (including toddler module) - clinical and research reliability.


Nature Neuroscience, Nature Communications, Current Biology, Brain, Social Cognitive & Affective Neuroscience, Journal of Neuroscience, Cortex, Computational Psychiatry, Nature Scientific Reports, Human Brain Mapping, Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders, Neuropsychopharmacology, Neuroimage:Clinical, Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience, Brain and Cognition,  Royal Society Open Science, Cognition & Medicine, Cognitive Neuropsychiatry, Psychological Medicine, European Journal of Neuroscience, Journal of Experimental Child Psychology, Cognition, Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience, Scientific Reports, Molecular Autism

Grant proposals:

Prinses Beatrix Fonds, Economic Research Council

Wellcome Trust


PhD, MRC – Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit   2006 ~ 2010

Degree conferred: May 2011

University of Cambridge, UK

Supervisor: Dr Andrew Calder      

Advisor: Dr Rik Henson

Thesis Title: “The Visual Representation of Cues to Social Attention: behavioural, fMRI and TMS investigations”



BSc/MA (Hons) Psychology/Philosophy              2002 ~ 2006 University of Glasgow, UK  

Degree Class: First   


Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience (ICN)       

University College London    

2011 ~ 2013   

Post-doctoral Research Associate.

Supervisor: Prof Jonathan Roiser

Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience (ICN)                                     

Summer 2008

University College London

Collaborators: Dr David Pitcher, Prof Vincent Walsh


Visiting Scientist – collaboration using Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) to investigate the role of occipital and superior temporal face regions in gaze and head direction processing.


York Neuroimaging Centre (YNiC)                                    

Aug 2005 ~ September 2005

Funding provided by the Wellcome Trust.

Supervisor: Professor Andy Young.


Visiting student - research project investigating neural correlates of multisensory face/voice integration using Magnetoencephalography (MEG).

Grants, Awards &

2018: Autistica Future Leader Award (2019-2022)

            £100,000 – research grant

           “Intolerance of uncertainty in anxiety: towards autism specific interventions”


2018: UCL Neuroscience Early Career Research Prize

2018: Psychopharmacology Award (BAP, junior non-clinical category)

2018: Society for Biological Psychiatry Early Career Investigator Award


2017: Wellcome Trust Henry Dale fellowship (2018-2023)

           £ 983,275 – personal fellowship

           “Contextual determinants of surprise in health, development and disorder”


2016:  Experimental Psychology Society Small Grant

            £2500 – sole applicant

           “Are high-level visual aftereffects perceptual?”


2015:  BAP post-graduate travel bursary - £200 to attend, Bristol, UK.

2014:  British Association of Neuropsychiatry, Lishman Prize winner.

2015:  Visual Neurosciences Summer School – Rauischholzhausen

             Competitive selection: tuition, food and accommodation.

2013:  British Association of Neuropsychiatry Conference bursary, waived registration.

2012:  BAP Poster Prize - £100 and award.

2012:  BAP post-graduate bursary - £200 to attend, Harrogate, UK.

2010:  Darwin Travel Grant - £700 to attend VSS, Florida.

2009:  Brain Travel Grant - £800 to attend CNS, San Francisco, USA.

2008:  EPS Grindley Grant - £200 to attend, York, UK.

2007:  Darwin Travel Grant - £500 to attend VSS, Florida.

2006:  Medical Research Council Studentship (£81,211)

2005:  Wellcome Trust Vacation Scholarship (£2000)


2017 ~ present       University of Cambridge (affiliate lecturer)

                                 Part IB & MVST – Atypical Psychology

                                 Autism, Schizophrenia, Phobias,

                                 Depression, OCD, Anorexia. 

                                 Part IIb/PBS 8 – Development and Psychopathology

                                 Autism (x 4), Depression, Borderline Personality Disorder


2016 ~ present:    UCL Cognitive Neuroscience MSc

                                “Neurocomputational approaches to autism”

2014 ~ present:    University of Birmingham

                                Matlab: “Cogent for stimulus presentation”

2013 ~ present:    UCL Matlab Course MSc  

                                “Cogent and advanced Cogent for programming experiments”

2008 ~ 2009:         University of Cambridge

                                Undergraduate supervisions (Girton College, Cambridge):

                                Part IB (2nd year) Experimental Psychology

 2005 ~ 2006:       University of Glasgow

                                Peer assisted learning facilitator: Level 1 and 2 (1st and 2nd year) Psychology.


2016 ~ 2017:         MSc project: “Divisive computations in autistic visual perception”.  

2015 ~ 2016:         MSc project: “Cross-cultural effects of context sensitive vision”.  

2014 ~ 2015:         MSc project: “Perceptual confidence in autism spectrum disorder”. *

                                *Shallice Prize winner

                                MSc project: “TDCS effects on auditory loudness adaptation”

2013 ~ 2014:         MSc project: “Low-level visual gain control mechanisms in autism”.  

2012 ~ 2013:         MSc project: “Adaptive coding mechanisms in adults with autism”.

2011 ~ 2012:         MSc project: “Adaptive coding mechanisms and autism spectrum traits”.

2010 ~ 2011:         MSc project: “Contributions of the DLPFC to conditioned responding”.

Invited talks

The probabilistic brain in autism”, Durham University, Durham, UK, March 2018

Learning to be surprised in autism”, BCCCD symposium on Predictive Processing in ASD, Budapest, Hungary, January 2018

High-resolution imaging at 3Tesla”, Cognition and Brain Sciences Methods Day, Cambridge, UK, December 2017

Weighing the past against the present: Bayesian approaches to autism”, Autism Research Centre, Cambridge, UK, July 2017

Weighing the past against the present: learning and uncertainty autism”, University of York, York, August 2017.

Learning to be surprised and expecting the unexpected in autism”, Department of Experimental Psychology, Oxford, UK, June 2017.

 “Confidence and Uncertainty in autism spectrum disorder”, International Symposium on Developmental Neuroscience and Robotics, Osaka, Japan, December 2016

"Contextualising context in autism spectrum disorder” IoPPN Kings College London, November 2016.

"How important is the top-down contribution to vision?” University of Cambridge, October 2016.

"Visual perception in autism spectrum disorders", Goldsmiths University London, October 2015.

"An aberrant precision account of autism", Birkbeck Computational Psychiatry Journal Club, Birkbeck University, London, May 2015.

"Toward a neurocomputational understanding of autism spectrum disorder", UCL Computational Psychiatry Workshop, London, April 2015.

"Evidence for deficient precision setting in autism; behaviour, Bayesian modelling and noradrenergic function", KU Leuven, Predictive Coding in Autism Workshop, Belgium, March 2015

"Habenula Responses in Major Depression: A High-Resolution fMRI Study", Society for Biological Psychiatry, San Francisco, USA, May 2013.

Autism Spectrum Traits and Adaptive Coding Mechanisms”, Autism Journal Club, SGDP, Kings College London, November 2013

"The visual representation of human body orientation", Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, Tea Time Talk, UCL, London, July 2010.

"Neural representation of Human Bodies", E1 Meeting, MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit, Cambridge, December 2008.

"Adaptation of Visual Cues to Social Attention", MRC CBU, Cambridge, May 2008.

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